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Welcome to Among Tech, where the sussiest technology in the land lives. Not sus, actually- the sus technology is from the corporations, which spy on you. Among Tech does not spy on you, and publishes the source of everything running here. Be the impostor in a world of spying, and use Among Tech.

What we host

Writefreely Blog UI


WriteFreely is a simple, lightweight blog service. It allows you to write, and share articles on the Fediverse and through RSS. Please email the admin to get an account.

Miniflux Main UI


Miniflux is a simple feed reader. You can subscribe to feeds across the Internet, and they all appear here. Please email the admin to get an account.

Computers In Our Lives


Slingcode is a Web IDE stored in one single file. Pretty cool, and we host it.

Lingva Translate


Lingva proxies Google Translate to prevent you being tracked by Google. It also comes with an attractive dark theme.



A simple pastebin that works completely in the browser. Uses's fork of NoPaste.

Static sites


Forever, Admin

Forever's the admin of Among Tech, and they also, among other things: Go to school, code, and take photos. You can check out their personal website here. This also has methods of contact for you. You can contact them for accounts or subdomains.



Miniclub is a collection of sites that look great, but are small and compressed.

Corrupted Catra

Catra Photos

This site contains a rather large amount of images of Catra, which are used in some online bots.

Random Coin


Random is a simple app for Linux that helps to make randomizing simple.



well... there's stuff here!



DigitalOcean VPS, San Francisco, 2GB RAM, 50GB disk

This is the main server, where most of the Among Tech hosting is. It hosts:


Other places where websites are hosted for Among Tech